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Diophantine Discs is thrilled to present Jonathan Briley's "Complete Works" 7CD boxset - released today, Friday the 13th of August, 2021.

For over 35 years Jonathan Briley has been both a legend and enigma within the underground industrial and noise scene.

His sought-after cassette releases on Inner-X and Broken Flag from 1985-1988 are incredibly unique, combining early industrial and power electronics with techniques of musique concrete. By incorporating synthesizers, metal percussion, found sounds, and tape manipulation Briley created some of the darkest and most intense music of that era. Those recordings and his live performances have been (and continue to be) an inspiration to many.

From 1985-1990 Briley was also a member of Sleep Chamber, composing some of their most iconic tracks and being an impressive live presence, performing synthesizers, vocals, and scrap metal.

This boxset contains all of Briley's recorded solo works, including compilation tracks, across seven CDs in individual printed wallets. It also includes a 6-page booklet featuring rare and never published photos and more.

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Distribution via Ajna (US), Cloister (US), Death By Torturing (HK), Millstone (SE), Scream & Writhe (CA), State Laughter (US), Tesco (DE), Tordon Ljud (UK), Total Black (DE), White Centipede (DE).

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